In this example, periodic winter weighing lets you graph the values, and add a “trendline” with one click in Excel (or on paper with a straightedge), and see that the stores will be completely consumed in 3 more weeks at current rates of consumption.

This lets you feed proactively, when weather allows, which gives the bees a chance to take the feed and provision it as they wish.

You save time and money, as you can track each hive's weight, and feed only those hives that need it, and feed the hives consuming the most stores well ahead of need, to give them time to provision feed to be utilized on even the coldest nights.  

In the example above, the weights of a group of hives  are compared, and those having the lowest weekly weight gains despite having access to the same forage sources,  are slated for careful inspection, as they may have under-performing queens, problems with disease, pests, or parasites.